Random Short Story 1

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I live in tree were the wolves can not catch me. Looking out high above the tree line, I see a glinting light sparkle in the dark distance. though I normally wait for the sun to rise before venturing beyond the safety of my tree, I want to know what shines so brightly. I hasten about for various tools to help me find my way and protect me from the wolves. With my pack packed with all I might need, I jump from a low branch to the ground overgrown with plants and insects. Running from tree to tree, the moonlight casting shadows all around, the bright light floats down to a clearing far off. After seemingly an eternity of my heart pounding away, I reach the clearing where the light shines from. Looking through the bushes and low hanging branches, I see the light floating there. I look around, not seeing anything or anyone, I move out toward the light, an orb hanging on a thread strung to something high in the darkness of the night. Its light ghostly white, swaying and twisting in the waves of wind. I reach out, curiosity compelling me beyond my own reason. My fingers pass into the orb, I feel its light tingling and warming them. But then pain radiates from my toes into my ankles and up my legs. I pull away from the orb, and as I do the light goes out. I tumble to the ground screaming. The pain has now reached my belly and tingles at my lungs. The pain overwhelms me, and I drift off. The darkness holds me.

I awaken and I see only blinding white light shining from all sides. I look at myself and see the light shining from me.