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I have eaten from Bengal Spice Indian takeaway multiple times now, and I have to say that this is so far one of the best indian takeaways I have had in Edinburgh!

Below is a review I wrote for one experience I had from this takeaway.

The Review

In this most recent adventure of culinary delight, I supped with some relatives (my masi and mama - or aunt and uncle in the western world). Both had had a very long day in Edinburgh and didn’t feel like going out for dinner. Being at a hotel, the option was floated that we could order room-service. My uncle, his face screwing up, responded to this by saying that he had not come to Edinburgh to eat room-service food (or hotel food in general, or something to that effect, I can’t quite remember…). At any rate, my aunt calmed him down and asked me if there were any good takeaways nearby. After a short debate on what everyone wanted to eat that evening, we opted for some curry. As if on reflex, I suggested Bengal Spice, my over enthusiasm warranting some scepticism from my relatives. They not having been very impressed by most Indian takeaways (their only experience thereof stemming from London), I detailed in full my previous experiences with Bengal Spice. I talked about the absolutely delightful saag paneer dish, the succulent and smoky tandoori chicken, the large and fluffy naans, and many things besides. They now, having heard this, decided to increase the stakes.

Initial they had been content to order a portion of dahl with rice, and some vegetable dish on the side. Now however, looking over the menu, they selected one dish after another till between three people we had six dishes! And three naans (with a roti thrown in), and a couple of sides (the dahl and rice from before). Among the dishes were the chilli garlic chicken curry, the masallam chicken, and the tikka chicken. We ordered and paid through Just-Eat, the process being quick and easy, and waited with excitement.

Being in a hotel room, we noted that there could be some difficulty for the person delivering the feast. We attached our (my) contact details to the order with instructions to ask for us (my relatives) at the front desk. After about 30 minutes, we received a call from the front desk, and shortly thereafter the food was brought to the room.

With our eyes popping now, fingers shaking with anticipation, we slowly opened up these two huge carrier bags (in takeaway blue no doubt) and gasped at the sheer splendor of it all. The hotel, being most astute, delivered with the food cutlery and dishes; we took these now and carefully distributed portions between each other. The bread was broken, and the feast begun! Looking around, thinking that we would trough piggishly, I was surprised to see how carefully everyone ate. Each bite was take in slowly, chewed tenderly, the flavours being given the maximum amount of time to expand. Our senses were at their olympian performance level. After a few long minutes, with each dish having been tasted, my relatives exclaimed that this was the best Indian takeaway they had had in years, bar none. Having cooked indian food regularly, and having lived in India for many years, my relatives could find no reason to complain about any of the dishes. They all were delicious and authentic, very much like home cooked! After several hours of feasting, we found ourselves comfortably full. There was still some food left though and as I was about to leave, my aunt gave me the bag with the remaining food and said to enjoy it over the coming days.

Arriving at my flat late in the evening, I found my flatmate still awake gaming away at Halo! I joined in, and we played well into the early morning. As we turned off the Xbox and TV, my flatmate commented that he was very hungry, the effort of shooting and destroyed the Covenant and their fleet having taken its toll. Seeing the blue bag, its content still warm, he gorged himself on it. But like my relatives, he slowed down and noted the flavours and textures. After he had finished eating (with me stealing some) and we both feeling extremely tired, we went to bed. In the morning, after are usual routines, he said to me that that curry was some of the best he’d ever eaten (his main experience being mostly from a shack of a place somewhere down in York). He was so delighted by this that later that day we order some more. The rest of the story should be fairly obvious, so I won’t go into any more detail. On a final note, whenever I feel a bit peckish, and want something to remind me of home, I order indian from Bengal Spice!